how the air conditioner work

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air conditioner

It is very important to have knowledge about how the air conditioner work

 in order to understand the way that you will use your device according to this

 information and obviously it will help you to know what is your role that you

 will play to keep your air conditioner safe

Historically .. the name of air conditioner inventor is  Willis Haviland Carrier

 .. he invented the air conditioner at 1902 

Air conditioner work like the refrigerator system ..  but Air conditioners don't have

 the exterior housing a refrigerator relies on to insulate its cold box. Instead, the walls

 in your home keep cold air in and hot air out ... so you can keep all the window

 that founded in your home closed tightly in order to not allow the cold air go

 out the room that the air conditioner designed to keep it cold 

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