split air conditioner

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Air conditioner 

Many people who are need to buy a new air conditioner , are eager to buy the Split

Air Conditioner that because of the good facilities and high technology that the split

Technologically , the split air conditioner have mainly 2 units , one of them are internal

and the another one are external .. The internal or the indoor unit is installed inside a room

 to take warm air and throw in the cold air or the conditioned air .. and so the outdoor unit

 or the external unit of the split air conditioner is installed out of the house .. this unit is contained

 the compressor and is linked to the internal unit with the drain pipes and electric cables

This external unit throws the warm air out of the conditioned room

In the next few lines we are about to talk briefly about the advantages of buying a split

 air conditioner

The split air conditioner have the Internal unit that takes up less space for installation

so it is suitable for the small places

Usually , the operation of the split air conditioner is more silent than the window

 air conditioner type

Installing the split air conditioner type does not affect your home decoration

Finally you can install the split air conditioner in room with no windows in contrast with the window

 air conditioner

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