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air conditioner

If you are about to buy a new air conditioner you have to read a lot about the advantages

 and disadvantages of buying a new air conditioner

There are many different types of the air conditioner , one of these types is the windows

These types of Air Conditioner are designed to be suitable in window sills

A single unit of Window Air Conditioner houses all the important component  ,

that  mainly are the compressor , condenser, expansion valve or coil , evaporator and cooling

 coil these components are all in a single box .. because of being a window Air Conditioner a single

 unit so, it takes less effort to install as well as for maintenance

In fact , a lot of people think that having the window air conditioner type , does not good choice

 of the air conditioner type .. but it is totally wrong , because the choice of an air conditioner type

 depends on your needs and the financial facilities that are available for you

So , you have to know more about the advantages of getting a window air conditioner for

 your home or work

And you have to know that the window air conditioner type is single unit air conditioner

 with less effort that need for installing the window air conditioner .. and also with less cost if

you compared the other types of  air conditioners .. and also the window air conditioner does not

 need big effort or expensive cost of the maintenance operation .. so the window air conditioner type

 is very good choice to decide to take for your home .

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